Basic Urgent Care

Through our Basic Urgent Care Clinic, we offer professional healthcare services to uninsured adults in a caring setting.  Patients may drop in at the end of the work day to see a Physician, Physician’s Assistant, or Nurse Practitioner on a first-come, first-served basis.

As required, the volunteer healthcare providers team will assess, order lab work and x-rays, diagnose and treat acute and chronic illness, prescribe medication, and make referrals to specialists — such as family planning, behavioral health, dental health,  and other medical specialists.

For patients who meet income eligibility requirements, a Prescription Assistance Program (PAP) is available to help with the costs of medicine.

Olympic Medical Center (OMC) provides lab and X-rays for uninsured clinic patients, at no cost.

Upon arrival to the intake and assessment area of the clinic, patients can expect to have their weight, height and blood pressure taken, and to make a nominal contribution for our services, if they are able.

Basic Urgent Care Clinic Hours:
Monday and Thursday
Drop in beginning @ 4:45 pm
Patients seen first-come, first-served beginning @ 5pm